Conditioned to win

Like many of his teammates on the US curling team, John Shuster was raised by a family that enjoyed curling. Now a three-time Winter Games competitor, he’s focused on earning another medal to add to his bronze—the only one the US has ever won in the sport at the Games—and winning a World Championship.

But winning these days takes more dedication than ever. Long considered one of the most social of sports, curling is also in the midst of a fitness revolution, with top international players like John spending hours in the gym along with many hours on the ice. And while not a highly physical game—it’s been frequently likened to “chess on ice”—competitive curling does take stamina, flexibility, and the strength to wield a wicked-fast broom for hours on end.

John’s conditioning for curling includes a wide variety of exercises that help reduce pain and increase his performance—working the right muscles, stretching adequately, developing better balance, and improving cardiovascular fitness among them.

“I always have to ask myself if it’s worth all the sacrifices I and my family make for this game,” John said, “and the answer is always yes!”

  • 2014 Sochi Games
  • 2010 Vancouver Games
  • 2006 Turin Games, bronze medal
  • Five-time US Men’s national champion

“I stock a cabinet full of Shaklee products. They keep me active and energized not only all season, but all year.”


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