Short tracks and high speeds

Jordan Malone is the only short-track speed skater in the U.S. to compete in five straight World Championship events (2005-09). His mom first took him to a roller rink at the tender age of 5, where he just wanted to go fast. Moving from inline skating to falling in love with the sport of speed skating in all forms, Jordon typically trains on the ice between 4-9 times a week (4 in the summer and 9 in the winter). He works on everything from starts and flying laps to 3,000-meter and relay distances. The rest of his training is done off-ice (called “dryland” training) with imitation skating moves, bike workouts, or gym time. In all, Jordan trains 4-10 hours a day, 6 days a week, 11 months of the year—and he’s been skating for 25 of them.

  • 2014 Sochi Games silver medal for 5,000-meter relay
  • 2010 Vancouver Games bronze medal for 5,000-meter relay
  • 2013 Relay World Cup overall champion
  • 2010 Sofia World Championships Silver medal for 5,000-meter relay
  • 2009 Vienna World Championships Gold medal for 5,000-meter relay
  • 2009 Heerenveen World Team Championships bronze
  • 2008 Harbin World Team Championships gold
  • Men’s 1,000-meter U.S. champion

“It’s pretty simple, really: my recovery is shorter and my workouts are better with Shaklee.”


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