Shaklee Pure Performance Team
Shaklee Pure Performance Team

Anything can happen!

Ashley Nee competes in the Whitewater Slalom Kayak event. “A challenging aspect of our sport is that we don’t get any practice runs,” she said. “Once the gates are set we must visualize our paddle line and anticipate the flow. Plus, it’s whitewater – anything can happen!”

With so many variables, Ashley appreciates one constant: Shaklee products. “I’m excited to have products I can trust and that are green and clean.”

Ashley has also carried her sport over to pure recreation; her wife, also name Ashley, paddles with her in the off-season.  “Ashley has been through three Olympic cycles with me,” she explained.  “The most fun way to balance Kayak racing at the highest levels of competition is to go on a road trip after the annual World Championships, which are usually held in Europe. That always gives us time to reconnect after a big event and after the demands of a highly competitive season.  Plus, I get to show her all the cool places I explored while training, traveling, and competing! When I am home, we hit the river together.  She is a great kayaker and we get to share that too.  She doesn’t race so we don’t need to worry about a family rivalry—we just paddle for fun together.  In fact, her whole family paddles!”

Nee competed in the 2016 Rio Games, and remains one of the top US Kayakers. Whether she makes the 2020 US Team or not, she’ll continue to enjoy this life-long sport where “anything can happen!”


  • 2016 Rio Games Competitor
  • 2015 Pan-American Games Bronze Medal