Intensely competitive

Esther Lofgren won gold in the 2012 Games in London in the women’s eight (a boat rowed by eight women pulling eight oars). She’s also a seven-time US national team rower and current world record holder in the eight. When she’s not rowing, Esther is an avid blogger and chronicles her experiences and shares the many training tips she’s picked up on the road to all those medals.

As an endurance athlete who typically trains for two to five hours per day, six to seven days a week, Ester’s diet doesn’t always get her the critical vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatories she needs to stay fueled and healthy. “Adding a Shaklee Vitalizer Vita-Strip™ and a few OmegaGuard® capsules every day helps me know I’m keeping up with my nutrition needs,” she said. “And Shaklee products don’t give me any stomach issues.” Which is a good thing given that Esther trains on an indoor rowing machine, lift weights, cycles on a stationary bike, runs, and does lots of different cross-training exercises—everything from hiking and swimming to martial arts.

Esther’s also concerned about her skin: “Most of my training is outdoors and sun protection is essential, so the Shaklee skin care line really works well for me.”

So how does Esther sum up her daily regimen? “When you’re taking care of yourself and treating your body well, you feel awesome…and ready to take on the world!”

  • 2012 London Games (women’s eight) gold medal
  • 2012 World Cup II, first (women’s eight) world record
  • 2011 World Rowing Championships (women’s eight) gold
  • 2011 Lucerne World Cup (quadruple sculls) fourth
  • 2011 Henley Royal Regatta (Remenham Challenge Cup) first
  • 2010 World Rowing Championships (women’s eight) gold
  • 2009 World Rowing Championships (women’s eight) silver
  • 2009 US Rowing National Championships (women’s eight) first
  • 2009, 2007 NCAA All-American

“In a race, you have to be confident in the work you’ve put in. You have to trust that you aren’t going to let up because you know that so many times you’ve pushed yourself through workouts that hurt even more.”