A “relaxing” day on the beach…

Pedro Pascual knows that the sea has offered life lessons from the beginning of time.  But for Pedro, those lessons come every day as he grapples with wind and waves as a Windsurfer, building the skills that took him to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and the Tokyo 2020 Games, where surfed to 9th place.   “The sport has showed me that talent without work means nothing,” he explains.  “It has also taught me to be patient and keep doing things right, everything will fall in its place.”  For Pedro, “doing things right” includes training sessions six days a week, and additional dry-land workouts every other day. Not a “relaxing” day on the beach!

Pedro also trains with smart nutrition and fueling, and trusts Shaklee in that department.  He literally takes Shaklee with him on the Windsurfing board, choosing Energy Chews for a boost on the water that lasts his entire training session.  “Whenever I need a quick energy burst I use the Performance Energy Chews!” says Pedro.  “They are by far the best healthy addition to maintain high energy throughout my training sessions!”

As Pedro trims up his sail and buckles into the mast, he’s confident that he’s learned the lessons and is ready to sail.  The talent is there, but so is the work.   That’s a potent combo for Pedro, and for anyone who is ready to ride the waves of life!